Ideas to Reality

Ideas to Reality explores the vision for the central Christchurch rebuild. It shows what the city endured, and how the anchor projects, private sector and community are enhancing the city. This booklet features a timeline depicting the various stages of the Christchurch rebuild over the five years 2010 – 2015.

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Recovering Christchurch's central city: The first four years 2011-2015

Operating within the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority, the Christch...

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CCDU Communications: Promoting the central city

In April 2012, the Government established the Christchurch Central Developm...

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Working with the private sector to redevelop Christchurch’s central city

This case study looks at the role the private sector played in redeveloping...

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Designating and acquiring land in central Christchurch

A case study examining land designation and the acquisition process.  This...

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Christchurch Central Recovery Plan

The Christchurch Central Recovery Plan (2012) provided a framework and visi...

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Christchurch, The Ever Evolving City, Chapter 1: Build - Waihanga

In the wake of the devastating 2010 and 2011 earthquakes, a bold new Christ...

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Resume Play: A new era for cricket in post-earthquake Christchurch

In 2015, Christchurch hosted the biggest international cricket tournament e...

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The Blueprint Plan

Released by the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority in July 2012, the...

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