Earthquake Recovery Update Issue 2: August 2011

Published by the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority (CERA), this monthly newsletter provided information to Canterbury residents about all aspects of the recovery and the work of CERA. Issue 2 focussed on land zoning decisions and the Crown’s offer to purchase insured properties in the residential red zone.

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CERA land zoning policy and the residential red zone

The New Zealand Government (the Crown) developed a set of policies in respo...

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Implementing the residential red zone programme

As a result of the earthquakes, land damage and life risk saw some of the w...

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Developing the Recovery Strategy for Greater Christchurch

A case study on how the Recovery Strategy for Greater Christchurch was deve...

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Walking the Recovery Tightrope: Learning and insights from CERA

An overarching narrative of CERA’s experience, learning and insights of t...

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Records associated with this Record

Red Zone Survey Report

This report presents results from a survey of former residential red zone p...

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Residential red zone decision guide

This booklet was published by to help Canterbury red zone res...

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Relocation after disaster: Engaging with insured residential property owners in greater Christchurch’s land-damaged ‘residential red zone’

The case study outlines the New Zealand government’s response to earthqua...

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An Accessible City

An Accessible City is the ‘transport chapter’ of the Christchurch Centr...

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