Lateral spreading

Horizontal ground movements related to liquefaction occurred across greater Christchurch following the 2010-2011 Canterbury Earthquake Sequence. Information including aerial LiDAR and aerial photograph imagery helped evaluate the extent and magnitude of horizontal movement caused by the earthquakes.

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Economic impact of liquefaction

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A wealth of data

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Ground surface subsidence

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Foundation damage

Geotechnical engineers have inspected more than 60,000 residential properti...

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Geotechnical assessment of Christchurch’s central city

Dr Jan Kupec, Geotechnical Advisor at CERA, gives some background on the Ch...

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Tour of central Christchurch red zone

After the February 2011 earthquake, Christchurch’s central city was cordo...

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An Accessible City

An Accessible City is the ‘transport chapter’ of the Christchurch Centr...

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Anchor projects and precincts map

This map shows the location of the seventeen government-led anchor projects...

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