Shared Programme of Action

The Community in Mind Shared Programme of Action sits under and helps implement the Community in Mind Strategy. Together the strategy and this programme are guiding agencies, organisations and community groups to develop, target and coordinate their activities for the psychosocial recovery of greater Christchurch communities.

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Community resilience

Ch.3: Understanding Social Recovery reportThis chapter discusses CERA’s C...

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Canterbury earthquake social recovery services and support

This video series shows you how to support people’s wellbeing following a...

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Understanding Social Recovery

This report provides social recovery practitioners with strategies, activit...

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Monitoring social outcomes

This video describes the social recovery evidence base CERA established and...

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Community in Mind Strategy

The Community in Mind Strategy for rebuilding health and wellbeing in great...

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Information sharing to support social recovery following a natural disaster

Natural disasters cause major damage, but this can be mitigated with effect...

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Secondary stressors and extreme events and disasters: A systematic review of primary research from 2010-2011

Extreme events and disasters cause distress and are associated with some pe...

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CERA Wellbeing Survey April 2014

The CERA Wellbeing Survey supplemented the data collected by a range of age...

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