The social recovery portfolio

Ch.1: Understanding Social Recovery reportThis chapter discusses social recovery leadership from within a central government agency based in the disaster affected region. It gives an overview of the psychosocial recovery framework, key leadership skills, and core values. This chapter will help you understand recovery leadership as a challenge and opportunity, and consider the skills and value necessary to lead your recovery.

It wasn’t about what you do ‘in recovery’. It was actually about what is right to do. What you should do.

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Understanding Social Recovery

This report provides social recovery practitioners with strategies, activit...

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Living through and working for recovery

Recovery agencies need staff in community-facing roles. This case study is...

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Introduction to Canterbury earthquake social recovery services and support

Ch.1: Canterbury Earthquake Social Recovery Services and Support video - Mi...

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A framework for social recovery

Ch.2: Canterbury Earthquake Social Recovery Services and Support videoThis...

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CERA Wellbeing Survey September 2015

The CERA Wellbeing Survey supplemented the data collected by a range of age...

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Community engagement strategy and framework

Early on, CERA developed a Community Engagement Strategy and a Community En...

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Monitoring wellbeing during recovery from the 2010–2011 Canterbury earthquakes: The CERA wellbeing survey

This paper outlines the process and outcomes of a multi-agency, multi-secto...

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Secondary stressors and extreme events and disasters: A systematic review of primary research from 2010-2011

Extreme events and disasters cause distress and are associated with some pe...

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