Community Resilience: case studies from the Canterbury earthquakes

Tephra is published by the Ministry of Civil Defence and Emergency Management to raise awareness and understanding of the major hazards faced in New Zealand. This edition draws on the experiences of communities impacted by the Canterbury earthquakes and how communities saw the response to their situation. While largely developed from the perspective of the emergency management sector, the concepts and models provided are also applicable to other sectors.  

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Shaken but not Stirred: A University’s Resilience in the Face of Adversity. 4th September 2010 Earthquake

On 4 September 2010, people in Canterbury were shaken from their beds by a...

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Resilience tested: A year and a half of ten thousand aftershocks

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Building community resilience: Learning from the Canterbury earthquakes

This report presents the findings of case-study research on six Canterbury...

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Community resilience

Ch.3: Understanding Social Recovery reportThis chapter discusses CERA’s C...

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Christchurch, The Ever Evolving City, Chapter 5: Unite - Whakakotahi

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Community in Mind Strategy

The Community in Mind Strategy for rebuilding health and wellbeing in great...

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Shared Programme of Action

The Community in Mind Shared Programme of Action sits under and helps imple...

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Community-led disaster risk management: A Māori response to Otautahi (Christchurch) earthquakes

Since September 2010, a series of earthquakes have caused widespread social...

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