CERA communications – key lessons identified

This resource looks at CERA’s experience communicating in recovery and extracts some key lessons to help guide others.

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The Amazing Place youth engagement strategy

In 2013 the Christchurch Central Development Unit developed a youth engagem...

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Communicating in a recovery: CERA’s approach to communications and engagement

From CERA’s inception there was enormous demand for action and answers, a...

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The Communications team

CERA’s Communications team had many functions. These included working wit...

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CCDU Communications: Promoting the central city

In April 2012, the Government established the Christchurch Central Developm...

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Bus Interchange concrete pour

One of the first of Christchurch’s government-backed Anchor Projects to b...

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Call for Ideas to Remember

In July 2014, CERA led a community engagement process to inform the design...

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Community engagement strategy and framework

Early on, CERA developed a Community Engagement Strategy and a Community En...

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Community in Mind Strategy

The Community in Mind Strategy for rebuilding health and wellbeing in great...

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