Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority: Whole of life programme summary April 2011 to April 2016

This document provides an outline of recovery programmes that the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority was either tasked to deliver, enable or support. It includes key achievements and milestones for the many CERA programmes.  

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CERA’s Programme Management Office

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Key documents of the CERA Programme Management Office

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Coordinating other recovery work

CERA’s ‘support programmes’ function monitored, supported and coordin...

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Walking the Recovery Tightrope: Learning and insights from CERA

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Recovery Strategy for greater Christchurch

The Recovery Strategy for greater Christchurch is the key reference documen...

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Heritage Buildings and Places Recovery Programme

In greater Christchurch, heritage agencies have been working together to as...

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Natural Environment Recovery Programme for Greater Christchurch

Led by Environment Canterbury with support from its strategic partners, the...

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Christchurch Central Recovery Plan

The Christchurch Central Recovery Plan (2012) provided a framework and visi...

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